The Gospel

Who We Are


We exist to know our Triune God and to make him known.

Our Story

Scholls Community Church has been a part of our neighborhood since 1893 when the church’s building was built. We have always striven to share the Gospel of Christ and serve the community in His name.

In this most recent era of our lives together, we have experienced the sweet and bitter providence of God—multiple unexpected difficulties and losses, and yet also God’s mercy to provide for our needs and reminded us of his grace. In October of 2022, Ezra Dunn joined our shepherding team as Lead Teaching Pastor, alongside Pastor Jeff Henderson. We are excited to see what God has for us in the years ahead as we seek to know him more deeply and to make him known!


(what we seek to be)


God’s holiness and love are beyond measure. All things are from him and for him—the God who makes enemies into his children! So, we seek to worship him richly and know him deeply. For this reason, as a church, we pursue God-centered rather than human-centered worship, and God-exalting rather than self-actualizing discipleship. We place our joy in God’s perfections rather than our own stumbling obedience.


The Word of God is not just true, but full of Spirit-illuminated, divine power. By his Word, God made and upholds the world; by his Word he causes spiritual life to spring up in dead hearts; by his Word he gathers us, points us to himself, convicts us, comforts us, and conforms us to Christ. Because of this, we seek to be governed by his Word and saturated in his Word in every aspect of our lives together.


It is through Christ—God the Son—that we have access to God. In his death, we have forgiveness and peace; in his resurrection, we have righteousness and life everlasting. He has brought us near to God by his blood, and he himself is God With Us. He is the fulfillment of all God’s promises and the center of our hope. For this reason, our worship and our teaching centers on him and his gospel.

Intentional Community

By redeeming us in Christ, God has made us into a unique people—we are a kingdom of priests whose highest purpose is worshiping God, and whose mission is making disciples. For this reason, we pursue a culture of disciple-making through how we speak the gospel to each other, how we love and care for one another, and how we take the gospel—forgiveness in Christ—to our neighborhood and to the nations.

Please contact the church office if you’d like a copy of our statement of faith.